I feel very Orgullosa to be part of a community of strong Latin women, who represent our gender on all levels both socially and politically without hesitating to stay at home and care for her family.

— Continue to read what more makes me Orgullosa by Sazón Boricua.

Orgullosa is more than a movement — it is an authentic reflection of the Latina woman’s steadfast spirit.

— Excerpted from Living Mi Vida Loca.

What we love about Orgullosa.com is that it fits the women we know in this community: women who don’t settle for walking the same path, but instead make a new one everyday!

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Orgullosa, an interactive movement focused on celebrating the distinct qualities of a Latina is something that deserves a bit of your attention! They promote our awesomeness and go-getter attitude. I’ve not come across too many camps that exclusively highlight what we do and how we live.

— Excerpted from B so Chic.

Being a part of Orgullosa.com allows me to connect with so many new Latinas. We all share the same morals, values and history.

— Excerpted from Thrifty Ninja.

What makes me an Orgullosa Latina is the tenacity to succeed and stand out as an influencer, while keeping a high level of standard in caring for the home and family!

— Excerpted from B so Chic.

Latinas do not let others stand in their way…they push through the obstacles…and can do it looking amazing.

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Being a Latina is having the best of both worlds — the American freedom and the Latin hustle and sassiness

— Great things that make me Orgullosa by B so Chic.